It's allowed to get married (big time) again!

Finally: as of Saturday, June 26, unlimited guests may be received (in the Netherlands) for wedding parties at home and in the hospitality industry without a mouth mask, on the condition of 1.5 meters distance and supported with the basic measures. What good news for all the brides and grooms-to-be, who have had to put off their weddings again and again!

Last-minute tips

In order to make this long-awaited day come true, the necessary final preparations are popping up again. Does your wedding suit still fit? Have you already chosen the right accessories or are you still in doubt about the color of your tie or suspenders? We would like to give you some last-minute styling tips to look great next to your partner on your big day!

Bohemian Suspenders

Suspenders are totally hip and increasingly worn by the groom. Not surprisingly, this stylish accessory lets you shine as soon as you take off your jacket. The models from Sir Redman's new wedding collection are all made of chrome-free tanned grain leather of a very high quality. You simply attach the loops to the buttons on the inside of your pants. Or you can choose the loose decorative buttons, which you slide around the edge of your trouser: handy and beautiful, too!

It's allowed to get married (big time) again!
It's allowed to get married (big time) again!
It's allowed to get married (big time) again!

Finish with a bow tie

Suspenders combine very well with a bow tie. Let the color of your suspenders come back into your look and finish it off by wearing the bow tie in the same fabric as the suspenders. We have already made it easy for you and put together a number of combi packs for you. Take for example the set Sposo Elegante in sea green... you can't get more stylish than that, can you?

Expressive tie

Are you going for a tie? Choose one that complements your outfit. Of course you choose a expressive tie because it should be clear that you are the groom. You can stand out through color but also through material or pattern. In our new collection of wedding ties, the choice is vast. For example a classic silk tie in off white with a graphic all-over pattern.

Festive touch

Or is a pocket square more your style? A pocket square adds an instant festive touch to your jacket. Go for a silk one in, for example, off-white to underline the classic look or go for a sage green model, if you want to achieve a more pronounced look.

Finally, our last tip: Choose accessories that are close to you and that you feel good about. Mix and match as you see fit and create the most beautiful combinations. You are in charge, it's your big day. Enjoy it in style!

It's allowed to get married (big time) again!
It's allowed to get married (big time) again!
It's allowed to get married (big time) again!

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