Created with passion, handmade with love

Style is in the details. Sir Redman knows that better than anyone. Accessories such as ties, bows and suspenders should be seen. In fact, they're indispensable in every fashion-conscious man's wardrobe. Sir Redman is for men who like to make a fashion statement. Who are confident in expressing themselves and standing out from the crowd. With a sense of style and an eye for quality. 

Handmade in NL.

Sir Redman makes their suspenders in-house and entirely by hand. We source the fabrics of our other accessories from renowned suppliers in Europe. With the utmost precision and attention to design, we create eye-catchers that no one can ignore.

First Class Quality.

We won’t accept anything less. From the quality fabrics and premium quality leather to the straps and fastenings of our accessories: Sir Redman exudes quality.

Authentic Style.

When you choose Sir Redman, you choose craftsmanship. The most beautiful designs are created from our deep-felt passion. Authentic and stylish, contemporary and unique.

Always in stock.

Pre-orders? Not necessary. Sir Redman has their unique items always in stock. Order what you need when you need it: we deliver ASAP. Not fast fashion, but fast delivery.

Take a look and get inspired

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Sir Redman bow ties
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Want to sell a lifestyle? Let's talk about business

Sir Redman can make every man look his best. From barber to accountant or hipster to businessman. Our accessories are made of high-quality materials and feature original designs. Contemporary designs with distinctive names. Always available from stock, so no hassle with pre-orders. In short: Sir Redman is not only a joy to wear, but also to sell.
Are you in for a party?

Would you like to come and see our 'Walhalla' suspenders and buy them directly? That's possible! Sir Redman would be delighted to welcome you in our showroom. Make an appointment today.

For men who want to make a statement

Sir Redman is there for every man. From classic to cool, from outspoken to contemporary.
To make it easy for you, we have divided our extensive collection into 4 styles. Which style would you prefer for the day?
Sir Redman Day-to-day collection
Sir Redman Classic collection
Sir Redman Festive Collection
Sir Redman Urban Collection

Custom made for unique men

Looking for something different?

For example, an original bow tie for a groom or five suspenders in floral design for that specific restaurant around the corner?

Sir Redman would be happy to give you some suggestions about creating custom-made items. And the result? One of a kind designs that are not available anywhere else. Please contact us to explore the possibilities.


Where can I buy Sir Redman accessories?

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Sir Redman and Aarden launch accessory collection Sir Redman and Aarden launch accessory collection Aarden Respectful Tailoring and Sir Redman are launching a special accessory collection consisting of vegan and recycled suspenders and bow ties. An innovative collaboration that contributes to a circular economy with stylish, sustainable accessories for the fashion and environmentally conscious man and woman. "This joint collection offers a great opportunity to use and strengthen each other's strengths." >>
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Who is Sir Redman?

Sir Redman is 'a man of style.’ Born in 2019 and raised in Budel. As a member of the Rooymans Neckwear family, he’s grown up with an innate sense of style, quality and craftsmanship. And that can be seen in everything we do. In high-quality materials, quirky designs and unique collections. Sir Redman's suspenders are made in-house. The fabrics of our other high-quality accessories are woven and produced in the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. By suppliers who consider quality just as highly as we do. Because we want the best, always and everywhere.

 With more than 50 years of experience, Rooymans Neckwear is a household name in 'neck tie country'. We are specialists in neckwear, which involves a lot more than just ties. Our accessories are our passion: we put all our knowledge, experience and love for the trade into their creation. The Rooymans' principles are in the forefront of our minds: creativity, authenticity, originality and first-class quality.

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